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At CrossFit Lacombe, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Lacombe. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Laura Brochu

    I knew I wanted to try CrossFit and not just a gym that I would get lost in. I saw a few people I knew recommending/following CrossFit Lacombe, and after visiting their Facebook page and the gym, you could see the amazing atmosphere Ryan and Brendan had created and that I would be welcomed even at my level of fitness or lack thereof.

    CrossFit Lacombe has been a life-changing experience for my husband and I. Ryan and Brendan have created the most inviting, encouraging and supportive environment you could ask for. This is also reflected in the people that come to the gym, each one as encouraging as the next. It really feels like you are a part of a family!

    When I started this journey, I was concerned about my level of fitness and if I would even be able to complete the workouts. Ryan and Brendan were able to help me scale the workouts so that I could accomplish them along with everyone else. This was very important to me as I did not want to fail.

  • Josh Boyko

    I was at the point, after completing a 5×5 program, that I was looking to try something with more variety. I heard CrossFit was tough but the workouts varied. I was tired of the same gym experience and wanted to try Olympic lifts like the snatch.

    I tried a class with 2 buddies. It was so hard!! (I didn’t find out till later I shouldn’t try to keep up with the regulars) I puked a bit out my nose and was worried I wouldn’t be let back in. That was it. I was hooked.

    It has never disappointed. I now am better at pacing and scaling a workout to my abilities. The most interesting thing about continuing was the strong sense of community – having a complete stranger encourage you where you are, while another stranger is challenging you to do more. The camaraderie and accountability is a balance I enjoy. For me, the biggest selling point is being coached and mentored not only by the coaches but also by other athletes. I enjoy the instant feedback and critique that pushes me to do better and strive for more.

  • Linda Sheflo

    I like the camaraderie of the class participants. I worried when I started that gyms were for competitive jocks, and this is not a concern any longer. The other members are encouraging to everyone regardless of their level. The detailed instructions and supervision for the exercises take the worry away that I will re-injure myself. There is genuine concern for my well-being with the program. I feel my age doesn’t matter, and I am encouraged to improve at my pace.


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